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Building Aggregates Yorkshire

Yorkshire Building Aggregates Supplier

Building Aggregates are versatile products that can be used as a base layers for many projects, temporary repairs, drainage, pipe bedding, raising ground levels and many more building and construction projects. Please ask the team for any further information. Contact us today for a quote on all Building Aggregates Yorkshire.


MOT Type 1 is a crushed granular material, Approx 40mm to dust in size suitable as a sub-base for roads, driveways, and pathways. It is an extremely strong and hardwearing aggregate with excellent load-bearing properties once compacted. It also meets the Department of Transport specifications (CL803).

40mm Crusher Run

Driveway and outdoor patio projects are the best use of 40mm Crusher Run as a Sub-base. It could also use for a topper on existing driveways.


10mm Pipe Bedding is a crushed and screened aggregate graded to 4/10mm size. It is suitable for bedding pipes, a well-draining backfill, general landscaping projects amongst other building applications.

Manufactured Limestone Blend All in General Fill

M-LS is a carbon negative manufactured limestone / blend that can be used as a general fill material. It can also be used in concrete block manufacturing. Please ask one of the team for further information.


Fill sand is commonly known as Fill Sand or Cable Sand. It is suitable as a trench backfill or other general fill applications like a bedding layer when using membranes or as a blinding layer before pouring concrete.


Washed sand is a fine grain aggregate that goes through a washing and screening process and is graded to 0/2mm. It is used widely in construction and is also known as soft sand. It is ideal for bricklaying mortar, pointing, and general building and landscaping projects


Sharp sand is also known as Grit sand. It is a washed and screened sand graded to 0/4mm size commonly used for laying paving and slabs, top dressing lawns. We use sharp sand as a blinding layer as well as other general building and landscaping projects.


20mm pipe bedding is a crushed and screened aggregate and is usually graded to 4/20mm or 10/20mm. It is suitable as a bedding layer, drainage, and other general garden and landscaping projects.

Clean Chalk

The clean chalk is a available as a 40mm clean, 75mm clean and 125mm clean. It is a quarried product which is crushed and screened and mainly used for site compounds, lay down areas, piling mats and haul roads. If you require any further information on these products, please ask one of the team.

6F2 Capping

6F2/5 chalk is a quarried graded aggregate that is predominately used as a capping layer prior to laying a sub base material. It can also be used to raise ground levels. If you have any further questions, please contact one of the team.

40mm Clean Carboniferous Limestone

The 20/40mm clean carboniferous limestone is a hard durable stone that is mainly used for drainage. It can also be used as a top dressing if you are looking for a larger stone. For other sizes of this stone please contact one of the team.


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